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Why are Electrolytes Important?

Simply put, electrolytes balance the amount of water in your body. Low levels of electrolytes due to training or other forms of losing sweat, can impair body functions and cause adverse muscle contractions, acid imbalance and irregular fluid control. Electrolytes help promote natural muscle functionality such as that of muscle tissue, connective tissue, nerve tissue and blood or vascular tissue.

This makes healthy hydration an essential part of any athlete's daily regime, both in training and their everyday life.

Healthy Hydration

Not only does healthy hydration increase energy levels and promote optimal brain functionality, but it can also help maximise your overall athletic performance. Staying hydrated is known to improve blood flow circulation and therefore deliver oxygen and nutrients to working muscles.

Aerobic endurance, strength, power, speed, agility and reaction time are all measurements of performance which decrease when as little as 2% dehydration of the body occurs.

Best Hydration Fuel to Use?

Endurade's range of hydration fuel includes sports drinks, sports gels and powdered sports drinks, all ideal for refueling and rehydrating. #HydrateDominate