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we make safe, great tasting sports hydration and nutrition products to aid your performance and fit your lifestyle.

“Our story is not finished, we’re just getting started.”

rooted in passion
While working on our nutrition brand NUTRITECH, Jaco, Chris and Mike started training for endurance events, while at the same time finding it a great way to build team morale within the company by allowing likeminded colleagues to challenge each other. Our team was lacking one key thing though, a sports drink to fuel our new found passion, we needed to create an “aid” for endurance sports.

the problem
The majority of the sports drinks we found at that time were higher in sugars than we felt was needed, so while you would get the much needed salts and electrolytes in that you lose when you sweat, you are also getting in higher than needed concentrations of sugar – meaning if you wanted less sugar, you had to water the drink down. This was obviously not ideal since we felt carbohydrate intake is largely dependent on lifestyle, athletic output and individual frame size, and so needed to be scalable for use.

the solution
We got to work and developed our initial drink mix designed for people competing in endurance sports and successfully fuelled athletes from various endurance sports codes such as Ironman, marathon, road cycling, mountain biking, obstacle course racing, rugby, football, cricket and many more. Shortly after, we launched a caffeinated variant to our sports drink mix, a recovery powder and real food energy bar.

an evolution
As time progressed and word spread throughout the sporting world about the ENDURADE and what we were up to, we began to receive greater demand from sports people outside the traditional sporting realms. This led to the development of our powdered protein shake, PROTEIN, and our two sugar-free, zero calorie ready-to-drinks and their powder variants. SPORT is an electrolyte sports drink and ENERGY, a caffeinated energy drink. Both the read-to-drink variants feature our patented bottle design which fits snugly in most bicycle cages for convenience and an on-the-go solution.

scaling with demand
To meet the ever growing demand, we are constantly working on new developments at ENDURADE to meet the needs of you, our people. We look forward to continuing the journey together with you and to fuelling you in your chosen sport for many more miles to come.

Thank you for all your support,

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