Since 2011 we have prided ourselves in developing the best possible performance minded sports nutrition that we could in each generation of our evolution.

As the years pass by, technology evolves, new research is conducted and new ingredients surface.

As with every industry, it is important to embrace these technologies and findings, and develop products using this in order to continue to stay relevant, competitive and to give the brand loyal fans the best possible experience of the brand and product offering.

With this being said, we work tirelessly on the full range of products, using the most up to date findings, ingredients and latest tech to forge performance products that not only work, but that serve the grind just as hard as we know you do!

2018 has been a busy year as we have continued to take massive steps forward, setting industry standards and product benchmarks, such as the first of it’s kind 100% plant based, all natural muscle gaining product VEGAN GORILLA GAINER and the first 100% sugar and aspartame free sports hydration ready-to-drink, ENDURADE® SPORT.

But we have not stopped there, and after all this is a post about pre-workouts; pre-workout is pretty a staple at NT HQ, it’s what we run on to keep us at the top of our mental game. The most exciting news for us is the launch of our new pre-workouts, led from the front by the all new NUKE® ORIGINAL “extreme pre-workout”. A dedicated informational post will follow.

But before we start, it is important to look back. Let’s cast an eye back to where it all began.


NUTRITECH® is established and launches to the market. We launch the first NUTRITECH® pre-workout, MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE, to local acclaim and the product continues it’s reign up until 2014.

Interesting fact, MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE was the product that helped keep us fuelled mentally and physically through those long days and nights as we pursued the goal of building the brand.


With NUTRITECH® now established, we focused our attention on launching a new concentrated hardcore evolution of MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. The second NUTRITECH® pre-workout, DYNAMITE, was born. DYNAMITE took over as the fan favourite in our pre-workout product offering and continues up until it’s dissolution in 2014.


This was a banger of a year for NUTRITECH® pre-workouts as we develop and launch two new and exciting nitric oxide based pre-workout products to the market, AMIN.O. PRE and VASO N.O.3. VASO N.O.3 launches first as a stimulant free, pump focused pre-workout for those looking for solid pumps and who enjoy putting the work in late at night. AMIN.O. PRE launches next, quickly dethroning both DYNAMITE and MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE as the go-to pre-workout of choice from NUTRITECH®. This is largely due to the scaleability, regulating the amount of caffeine per serving with the number of scoops.


This was a sad year for us, as early in 2014 we paid our respects and said farewell to the two pre-workouts that put us in the game, MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE and DYNAMITE.


Development starts on a new hardcore pre-workout product internally codenamed “New Dawn”.


A new dawn breaks in 2016, looking to revolutionise the game and usher in our vision of a “new world order” in the pre-workout industry, MAX PRE launches with a next level video and the vision of a world in chaos as a result of supplement wars. The product headlines the new “hardcore” NUTRITECH® series, NEW WORLD ORDER. The series name, a statement of our view and of NUTRITECH® establishing the next generation of supplementation.
Interesting fact, the name MAX PRE is taken from company history, the original pre-workout MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE was often referred to as “MAX PRE”. The number of servings, 33 also pays homage to the address of our first manufacturing facility, 66 Pickering Street by halving the number.


In late November 2017, development and campaigning of a new pre-workout starts. Internally named ORIGINAL PRE, the idea is to launch a pre-workout that casts an eye back to the original concentrated pre-workout formulations, but making full use of 2017 technology and ingredients.


Research and development on ORIGINAL PRE continues, but campaigning takes a massive swerve as we look to the future and to once again establish a next level experience and new benchmark in pre-workouts. The name ORIGINAL PRE is shelved in favour of the new trademarked name NUKE®. Paying homage to the original NUTRITECH® pre-workout concentrate, DYNAMITE, NUKE® represents the pinnacle of pre-workout technology and the most destructive man-made force possible, quite a fitting name in our opinion.



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