The Technology behind the NuWay High Protein Granola & Energy Cereals

NUTRITECH NuWay Oats cereals are made with GMO free rolled oats and harvested in sunny springtime.

Oats are a natural source of protein. As with oats which is traditionally cooked, instant oats cereals need to be precooked or roasted as part of the manufacturing process. Once undergoing the roasting or cooking process, it has been shown that there is average reduction in the protein count of around 50%.


NuWay’s High Protein Granola and Energy Cereals are roasted. To combat the loss in natural protein during the roasting process, we have added a NuWay protein blend to increase the protein content from around 9g to 17.2g per 100g serving. This ensures you get all the potential benefits of oats without the loss in protein experienced when cooked.


NuWay Cereals are best enjoyed with milk, but can also be enjoyed dry, with water or with yoghurt. Ideal for use as a breakfast cereal, shake or added to your smoothie.