We all have those days where putting in the utmost minimal effort feels like maxing out on deadlifts. Not only does your brain stop braining, but getting your body to do what you want it to is about as difficult as performing kipping squats. (That’s not a dig at CrossFit — we love CrossFit, in case you didn’t know.)

For those days that you’re struggling with braining, working, moving, or just when being alive is physically exhausting, AMINO PRE does the job of filling that void. No, this isn’t an article to promote how amazing NUTRITECH’s products are, although, there might be some low key bragging here and there and a little highlighting of exceptionally well-performing areas and key points.


A close up shot of amino pre

What makes AMINO PRE such a top quality product? Tub design? Not entirely, but it is bomb! Flavour? That definitely plays a huge role in the overall quality, especially the Polar Pineapple flavour (SPOILER: it’s like drinking a tropical storm).

While all of the aforementioned aspects play perfectly into creating a product well capable of fueling fighter jet during Operation NUKE ‘EM, the main component that makes AMINO PRE kick like a Missouri mule are the ingredients. Moreover, the perfect dosing of each and every ingredient are what makes this supplement excel.

First of all, this is an amino acid supplement, so let’s take a look at which aminos were thoughtfully added to create AMINO PRE.


While there are more than the below-mentioned amino acids inside of AMINO PRE, I’ve listed the ones that truly stand out and are most effective at enhancing the performance of the user.

*R = Research

β-Alanine – is a non-essential amino acid which aids in reducing muscle fatigue and improves strength and endurance. [R, R]

l-Leucine – this essential amino acid plays a prominent role in protein synthesis and prevents muscular atrophy. [R]

l-Glutamine – aids in muscle recovery post-exercise. This amino acid is vital for recovery and reducing muscle soreness after a gruelling workout. [R]

l-Arginine – a precursor for nitric oxide, a vasodilator, widens the blood vessels, allowing for great blood flow to the muscles being trained or used. [R]

l-Valine – assists in muscle protein synthesis, which results in muscular hypertrophy, aka gains! [R]


Calcium – has shown to increase testosterone production is subjects who follow a resistance training programme. [R] Calcium is also quite essential for proper muscular contraction. [R] You can’t have an 8-hour arm session and not supplement with calcium — it’s science.

Potassium Chloride – this electrolyte has a unique effect of reversing muscle fatigue. [R] What more would you like than to push out those last few reps or run that last 100 metres like the champion you are?

Magnesium – plays a vital role in energy production by creating an environment for glycolysis (breakdown of glucose to be used as energy), resulting in increased athletic performance. [R]

That’s enough for the science part, for now.


Amino pre being mixed into an unbroken bottle

The term might be overused, but if it rings true, then ring the bell as loud as you possibly can.

AMINO PRE has all the hallmarks of a kickass pre-workout supplement, plus a little extra something for those looking to prolong their performance. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the gym cranking out a 10-minute AMRAP or a 2-hour long cycling session, AMINO PRE contains what an athlete needs to keep it one hundred.

Typically, you’ll find amino acids supplements sold as separate products from traditional pre-workouts. Although AMINO PRE isn’t marketed as a standalone amino acid supplement, it could very well be used as such with its bomb amino acid profile. The electrolyte formula which is thrown into the mix also does well to expand the use of this product.

Seeing how it contains 100mg of caffeine per serving, it’s common practice to load up a water bottle with 3 scoops and sip on it during the duration of your workout. Not only does this supply the user with a constant stream of stimulation, they also receive the full benefits of the electrolytes contained in each serving.


Considering that “pre” is used in the name, AMINO PRE is designed to be a whopper of a pre-workout but also fits into the categories of an intra- and post-workout supplement — perfectly suitable for all scenarios.

To use it as a pre-workout, depending your caffeine tolerance, triple scoop it in a bottle with a large enough water capacity (200-400ml of water should suffice). Shake that sucker up and consume it anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes before your workout commences.

Alternatively, it is possible (and recommended) to use AMINO PRE as a pre- and intra-workout. For this, you could drink half of the AMINO cocktail before your training and consume the rest as you train. Doing this, theoretically, should give you 150mgs of caffeine before working out and leave you with a remaining 150mgs to sip on as you thrash your workout.

To use it as a post-workout or a casual pick-me-upper throughout the day, mix 1 scoop with about 200ml of water. This should give you both a mental and physical kick. Plus, there’s the beta-alanine that will be poking at your face. That’s just AMINO PRE letting you know that it’s been activated.

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