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This is our time, to unite as a continent, to come together, to determine who will be standing on the podium as Africa’s fittest man and woman.

The wheels are in motion for the inaugural gathering of Africa’s fittest at Carnival City’s new Sun Park in October 2017. The 2017 African Championships – Africa’s Fittest, set to be an annual competition, takes place on the 27th and 28th of October. The African Championships – Africa’s Fittest provides a platform for ALL athletes to compete for titles and prizes. Prize money of R40 000 has been allocated to the men’s as well as the ladies’ categories.


Calling All Judges.

With the African Champs around the corner, we are calling out all judges from around the country to get involved. To make this event one to remember, we need your help to build it up from the ground level, to the top!
The judges pack will include the following:
Tshirt, Shorts, Hat, Meal vouchers, Beverages Vouchers
There will also be the opportunity to walk away with Bragging rights as the “top judge of African Champs” which will be announced alongside the winners at prize giving.
And as a show off our appreciation for your time and effort, every Judge will receive a R500 remuneration at the end of the African Champs.

The African Championships – Africa’s Fittest organisers chose the semi outdoor entertainment venue, which encompasses 3000 square metre arena, as it provides a perfect platform for uninterrupted WODs (Workout of the Day) while spectators can enjoy the outdoor beer garden and entertainment areas.

About 300 RX (elite athletes) athletes will fight for the individual title to be crowned Africa’s fittest. The WODs for the RX athletes will be announced closer to the event date. In the spirit of growing the sport for the years to come 100 x BoxChamp Scaled athletes will battle it out on the first day of the competition (Friday, 27 October). Adding a special twist to the tournament, competitors will know the nature, duration, number, frequency or timing of the workouts they will be required to complete during the competition until shortly before each event begins. The constantly varied workouts are designed to test a competitor’s general physical preparedness, including strength, speed, agility and endurance, through a combination of Olympic lifts, gymnastics movements, climbing ropes, powerlifting, running and more.

The Power WOD – Africa’s Largest WOD – is an open workout to all and will take place on the Saturday (28 October). For more information contact or visit and follow on Twitter @ChampsAfrican

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