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In Western culture today, the majority of the public’s diet lack sufficient protein which is not ideal for a person that is embarking on fitness training for muscle growth and toning. In saying that, may people also do not know the advantages of using whey protein or have a good understanding of how much to take according to their goals. Some of the advantages of using whey protein are:

  • • Cost effective: Whey protein is a cost effective protein source.
  • • No Hormone stimulation: Unlike Soya, whey protein does not promote negative hormone stimulation.
  • • Sustainable: Whey protein has a long shelf life.
  • • Convenient: Whey protein can be conveniently portioned as it is powdered contents.
  • • Safe and effective: Has been on the market for over 15 years and has proven itself to be safe and effective
  • • Zero side effects: Can be combined with various other supplementation with no side effects
  • • Easily digested and absorbed: It is easily absorbed as a liquid solution as apposed to various other protein sources such as meat.




This then raises the question, “How much whey protein should I be using?”

The amount of whey protein one needs to consumer on a day-to-day basis will depend on a few things; their body weight, activity level and fitness goals being just three of them.

There have been numerous amounts of studies done on this subject and in Coach Steve’s opinion, a little too much is just right! “I’d rather be taking in more than I need than not be taking enough.”

For example, men that want to gain muscle will need around 2.75 grams of whey protein for every lean mass (kilogram).


Here’s an example of the equation:

A person weighs 170 pounds with 15% body fat.
170 / 2.2 = 77.27 kg (Conversion from pounds to kg)

15% body fat  x 77.27 kg = 11.59 kg (Use your body fat %)

77.27 kg – 11.59 kg = 65.68 kg (his lean body mass)
65.68 x 2.75 = 180.62
So, therefore our 170 lb (77.27kg) and 15% body fat man should be shooting for approximately 180 grams of protein per day.
The same equation for woman but times the lean mass by 1.65 instead of 2.75.
The next question to ask is, “when should I be taking whey protein?”

  • The most important time to have a whey protein shake is straight after a workout. One’s muscle are like a sponge and need the nutrition from whey protein to recover well.
  • Right upon waking up. One’s body needs protein, so give it what it needs!
  • 20 minutes before a workout. This will set up the ‘anabolic window’ before your workout.

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